About Us

About Us

About Us ?

 We are the company of flower eye are distinguished in :

Wedding and event supplies and birthday parties are all inclusive .

Conferences, exhibitions, special trips, sports, all private and public events, graduation  ceremonies and sports clubs .

Photography parties on the latest cameras – Albatom weddings for all occasions of  weddings, engagement, birthdays .

We have professional voice and lighting distributors and also music and songs to enter the bride Western Arabic Gulf and we can collect songs on the bride’s desire as well .

We have a variety of special songs – crews of both sexes and we are keen on your privacy

Director of the company “Desouki Salam”

The goals of the company
The company aims to play a vital role in organizing events and exhibitions and hosting international conferences in a manner that keeps pace with the developments in the country in all aspects. It also aims to benefit from the creativity and innovation capabilities of individuals in their various fields of business to offer and introduce everything new and innovative. Desouki Salam